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Classroom courses

According to the Technology Transference Program of Iber, the Iber Team offers classroom courses around the world in order to show the capabilities of the model, providing high-level and quality trainings in 2D numerical modelling with Iber.

These courses are oriented to Public Administrations, Research organizations, Universities, companies and freelance professionals, for beginners but also for other users that need specific training.

There are different pre-defined classroom courses as a result of the experience of Iber Team and according to the user's demands. It is also possible to offer customized courses in line with the user's requirements (a specific Iber calculation module, tool or methodology). 

Consult the courses offered and contact us for more information: inscriptionsibercursos.com.

Courses offered

Initiation course

Advanced course

Customized course

It also exists the possibility to customize the contents of the Classroom courses.

Please, contact with us through inscriptionsibercursos.com if you are interested in a customized course.

Specialization courses