Iber model

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Iber is a two-dimensional software for the simulation of free surface flow, morphodynamics, transport processes and habitat in rivers and estuaries, that is developed within a collaboration by the Water and Environmental Engineering Group, GEAMA (University of A Coruña), the Flumen Institute (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, UPC, and International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering, CIMNE), EPhysLab laboratory from University of Vigo  and the the Centre for Hydrographic Studies of CEDEX.  Iber was born and has been subsequently developed thanks to the promotion by  CEDEX, by research projects  granted to the developing institutions, and within a framework of a Cooperation Agreement with the Dirección General del Agua (Spanish Water Resources Management Department).

The software Iber can be downloaded for free from this website, and it is complemented with other actions as on-site training activities, online training courses, dissemination of research results and publications, distribution of case studies, and a forum for inquiries and suggestions.


Iber was initially developed as the result of a collaboration between the Centre for Hydrographic Studies (CEDEX, Spanish Public Administration), GEAMA. Flumen Institute and CIMNE. The main purpose was building two-dimensional model for the simulation of free surface flow in rivers with the following characteristics::

  • Based on the last generation of finite volume numerical schemes
  • Provided by a powerful and friendly interface
  • Adapted to torrential rivers characteristics

A preliminary version was created within the RAMFLOOD European Project (IST-2001-37581) integrating a hydraulic numerical model (CARPA) into a new friendly and powerful interface (GiD). Later, another hydraulic numerical model (TURBILLON) was integrated in it resulting in the first version of Iber (2010).

Main publication
  • Bladé, E., Gómez-Valentín, M., Dolz, J., Piazzese, J., Oñate, E., Corestein, G., Sánchez-Juny, M., 2008. Hydrodynamic modelling and risk analysis in RAMFLOOD project. Flood RISK 2008, The European Conference on Flood Risk Management. Oxford, UK.


TURBILLON is a 2D numerical for the simulation of 2D turbulent open channel flow  developed by GEAMA Group from Universidade da Coruña.



GiD is a software for pre- and post-processing developed by Centre Internacional de Mètodes Numèrics en Enginyeria, CIMNE.



CARPA is a 1D-2D numerical model for the simulation of water fow in natural channels developed  by Flumen Institute from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.