Iber model

Monday, July 15, 2024     [ login ]


The Forum of Iber has been created in order to put together questions and doubts of Iber users. This place has been planned as a space where users of Iber model help each other, sharing information, solving doubts together, suggesting changes in the model, definitely to make Iber a more powerful tool. 

You can consult the content of the forum discussion topics without being registered. However, you will have to register on IberAULA in order to participate in the forum and start new discussion topics. The most common topics have been pre-answered, but new questions can be performed.


This Forum looks for an unic porpuse: to be a place where the Iber users share their inquietudes about the model.

The Team Iber administrates and moderates the Forum, and regularly participates on it, but does not participate in all discussions.

Before participating

Some considerations before participating:

  • Please, read carefully the topic and the discusión
  • To be well-mannered is not an effort
  • Respect the opinions and point of view of the other Iber users

NOTE: Team Iber reserves the right to delete offensive, unproductive messages or those unrelated to the topics of the forum. Messages of purely commercial nature will also be deleted.