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New publication!

Published: 29/07/2021

Members of Team Iber, in collaboration with other research groups and public administrations, have published two new scientific articles on two emergent topics: modelling non-Newtonian shallow flows (snow avalanches) and the implementation of a early warning system in Galicia.

  • Fraga, I., Cea, L., Puertas, J., Mosqueira, G., Quintero, B., Botana, S., Fernández, L., Salsón, S., Fernández-García, G., Taboada, J., 2021. MERLIN: Una nueva herramienta para la predicción del riesgo de inundaciones en la demarcación hidrográfica Galicia-Costa. Ingeniería del Agua, 25(3), 215-227. DOI: 10.4995/ia.2021.15565  Export to Mendeley
  • Sanz-Ramos, M., Andrade, C.A., Oller, P., Furdada, G., Bladé, E., Martínez-Gomariz, E., 2021. Reconstructing the Snow Avalanche of Coll de Pal 2018 (SE Pyrenees). Geohazards 2021, 2(3), 196-211. DOI: 10.3390/geohazards2030011  Export to Mendeley

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