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Iber 2.6

Published: 05/10/2020

Dear Users,

New version of Iber 2.6 has been released!

What’s new in v2.6:

  • Water Quality module has been restructured. Now, all atmospheric variables can be implemented spatially and temporally distributed, and it must be only assigned once
  • New pollutants in Water Quality module (Phosphorus, Phytoplankton, pH and Metals)
  • New implementations in the Hydrological module. Now the user can implement the infiltration processes spatially distributed by raster files (SCS, Lineal model and Green&Ampt)
  • New tool for converting LAZ files into DTM raster files (based on Spanish Geographical Institute protocols), but also for converting LAZ into LAS files
  • This version of Iber is also available for Linux OS

Bugs report and improvement:
  • Corrections on the “Given level” inlet condition-type
  • Some bugs in the “Energy” as a result that do not allowed to run the simulation when it was enabled
  • Some corrections in the translation

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