Iber model
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Flood Risk Workshop

Team Iber participates on the Flood Risk Workshop organized by the Spanish Ministery of Ecological Transition (MITECO). Latest improvements and future research lines of Iber will be shown in the presentation called "Mejoras en el modelo Iber". Web Schedule


Workshop - Iber HABITAT

Team Iber is proud to present Iber HABITAT, a new tool focused to assess the Physical Suitability Habitat (PSH) and the Weighted Usable Area (WUA), both necessary to evaluate the Ecological Discharge Regime (EDR).  Iber HABITAT will be presented to the Administrations next Friday i...


Iber at GiD Convention

During the GiD Convention 2018, Dr. Ernest Bladé presented the most useful tools of Iber embebed inside GiD pre- and post-process interface and the new tools of the Iber 2.5 new version. These tools allow performing most confortable and friendly work-flow for the user.


GiD Convention

Team Iber will present at the 9th GiD Convention showing our latest improvements of Iber.