Iber model
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Urban Drainage


New publication!

Members of the Team Iber, in collaboration with other research groups, presents this novel application of Iber for designing of efficient road and transportation facility drainage: Aranda, J.A., Beneyto, C., Sánchez-Juny, M., Bladé, E., 2021. Efficient Design of Road Drainage System...


New publications!

Members of the Team Iber investigate the avant-garde concept of the flipped classroom in teaching-learning methodologies, develop an integrated two-models tool for urban drainage purposes and collaborate in a study analysing long term hydrological processes and: Bermúde...


New publication!

The two articles presented in the conference SymHydro 2019 have printed in the book Advances in Hydroinformatics.One of them shows some research in modelling the hydrodynamics in a sewer inlet using 2D modelling: Sanz-Ramos, Téllez-Álvarez, J., Bladé, E., Gómez-Valent&...


New publication!

Members of the Team Iber are using hybrid techniques (experimental-numerical) for understanding the wash-off phenomena during rainfall events in urban areas. Following you will find the journal paper: Naves, J., Rieckermann, J., Cea, L., Puertas, J., Anta, J., 2019. Global and local sensitiv...