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Sediment Transport


New publication!

A member of the Team Iber participated in a new publication aiming to assess the impact of the decisions made in modeling and parametrizing suspended sediment flux dynamics and how structural connectivity, particularly the location of the sediment sources, impacts modeled suspended sedimen...


New publication!

Members of the Team Iber present a new methodology to assess the flood risk due to dam break. It focuses on modelling the formation of the breach , the hydrodynamics and the sediment transport in a coupled way. More details in the following publication (Spanish speech): Sanz-Ramos, M., Olivares, ...


New publication!

Members of the Team Iber are using hybrid techniques (experimental-numerical) for understanding the wash-off phenomena during rainfall events in urban areas. Following you will find the journal paper: Naves, J., Rieckermann, J., Cea, L., Puertas, J., Anta, J., 2019. Global and local sensitiv...


New publication!

Measurement, calibration and analysis of fine sediment relocation using simplified models. This work is focused to analyse cohesive sediment dynamics within a reservoir and different strategies to manege it: Bladé, E., Sánchez-Juny, M., Arbat-Bofill, M., Dolz, J....


New publications!

Dr. Luis Cea published as a co-author a research called "A continuous simulation approach for the estimation of extreme flood inundation in coastal river reaches affected by meso- and macrotides" in Natural Hazard Journal. And also published a Technical comunication in the proceedings of the XXII&nb...