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New publication!

A member of the Team Iber participated in a new publication aiming to assess the impact of the decisions made in modeling and parametrizing suspended sediment flux dynamics and how structural connectivity, particularly the location of the sediment sources, impacts modeled suspended sedimen...


New publications!

Members of the Team Iber investigate the avant-garde concept of the flipped classroom in teaching-learning methodologies, develop an integrated two-models tool for urban drainage purposes and collaborate in a study analysing long term hydrological processes and: Bermúde...


New publications!

Two new journal papers and a conference paper have been recently published about the optimization in the calculus of the floodplain enchoarchment (VID in Spanish); new enhances on the simulation of pressurized flow; and a re-analysis of the Aznalcóllar mine accident: Sanz-Ramos, ...


New publication!

Members of Team Iber, in collaboration with other universities and research groups, presents some improvements in IberWOOD that allow to reproduce large wood dynamics in shallow braided rivers.Have a look to this publication: Ruiz-Villanueva, V., Gamberini, C., Bladé, E., Stoffel, M., Bert...


New publication!

Team Iber investigates the posibilities of the 2D-SWE for modelling non-Newtonian flows such as snow avalanches. Have a look to the numerical methods and schemes implemented focused properly to reproduce this kind of flows (document in Spanish): Sanz-Ramos, Bladé, E., Oller, P., Torralba, ...


New publication!

Members of Team Iber, in collaboration with University of Lleida, investigate the backwater effect in the promotion of long-term formative processes on river morphology. Have a look to the paper here: Castelltort, F.X., Bladé, E., Balasch, J.C., RIbé, M., 2020. The backwater ...

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