Iber model
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New publication!

Members of Team Iber, in collaboration with other research groups and public administrations, have published two new scientific articles on two emergent topics: modelling non-Newtonian shallow flows (snow avalanches) and the implementation of a early warning system in Galicia. Fraga, I., Cea, L.,...


New publication!

A member of the Team Iber participated in a new publication aiming to assess the impact of the decisions made in modeling and parametrizing suspended sediment flux dynamics and how structural connectivity, particularly the location of the sediment sources, impacts modeled suspended sedimen...


New publication!

Members of the Team Iber presents a novel installation for the development of hybrid physical-numerical flood models in an Augmented Reality-SandBox (AR-Sandbox) environment.Have a look to the publication: Puertas, J., Hernández-Ibáñez, L., Cea, L., Regueiro-Picallo, M.,...


New publication!

Members of Team Iber, in collaboration with other universities and research groups, have been investigating the potential relationships between the Antecedent Mositure Conditions (AMC) and the infiltration losses method based on Curve Number (CN) providing valuable opportunities and potential b...


New developments

Within the project "Nuevas herramientas para la evaluación de la Idoneidad del Hábitat Físico y del Hábitat Potencial Útil para peces", partialy founded by Fundación Biodiversidad (MAPAMA), Team Iber is developing a new module will allows assessing the aquat...