Iber model
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New version


Iber 2.6

Dear Users,New version of Iber 2.6 has been released! What’s new in v2.6: Water Quality module has been restructured. Now, all atmospheric variables can be implemented spatially and temporally distributed, and it must be only assigned once New pollutants in Water Quality module (Phosphor...


Iber 2.5.2

Dear Users,New version of Iber 2.5.2 has been released! Bugs report and improvement: Corrections on the “Given level” inlet condition-type Some bugs in the “Energy” as a result that do not allowed to run the simulation when it was enabled Some corrections in the translat...


Iber 2.5.1

Dear Users,New version of Iber 2.5.1 has been released! What's new on Iber 2.5.1: New structure in the result files. Now the results are written directly on the Gauss points The Results to Raster tool has been restructured. Now the raster files are written in a more efficient and f...


Iber 2.5 available!

New version of Iber is now available. Download it for free here! What’s new from v2.4.3 to v2.5: New pre- and post- toolbar New module IberHABITAT has been included into Iber pack. This module is able to assess fish habitat New IberPlus GPU-CUDA beta version. This plug-in is currently in...