Iber model
Friday, April 23, 2021     [ login ]

New module


New publication!

A member of the Team Iber participated in a new publication aiming to assess the impact of the decisions made in modeling and parametrizing suspended sediment flux dynamics and how structural connectivity, particularly the location of the sediment sources, impacts modeled suspended sedimen...


New publication!

Team Iber investigates the posibilities of the 2D-SWE for modelling non-Newtonian flows such as snow avalanches. Have a look to the numerical methods and schemes implemented focused properly to reproduce this kind of flows (document in Spanish): Sanz-Ramos, Bladé, E., Oller, P., Torralba, ...


IberHABITAT now available!

Dear Iber user's,We are proud to present "IberHABITAT", a new module of Iber designed to work as a habitat model for fishes.Download for free here!This Iber module has been developed thanks to the support of the Fundación Biodiversidad of the Ministry for the Ecologica...


Workshop - Iber HABITAT

Team Iber is proud to present Iber HABITAT, a new tool focused to assess the Physical Suitability Habitat (PSH) and the Weighted Usable Area (WUA), both necessary to evaluate the Ecological Discharge Regime (EDR).  Iber HABITAT will be presented to the Administrations next Friday i...


New developments

Within the project "Nuevas herramientas para la evaluación de la Idoneidad del Hábitat Físico y del Hábitat Potencial Útil para peces", partialy founded by Fundación Biodiversidad (MAPAMA), Team Iber is developing a new module will allows assessing the aquat...