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New publication!

Members of the Team Iber participate on the EGU General Assembly 2021 presenting the following conference paper: Farfán-Durán, Cea, L., 2021. Building hydrological single-model ensembles using artificial neural networks and a combinatorial optimization approachIn Proceedings of EGU ...


Online Courses

Dear Users,We are proud to announce new editions of the oficial online courses of Iber. Registration is open online at www.ibercursos.com from March 8th to 24th.The courses will take place from April 5th to June 11th. SPANISH ENGLISH Iniciación  (18ª...


New publication!

A member of the Team Iber participated in a new publication aiming to assess the impact of the decisions made in modeling and parametrizing suspended sediment flux dynamics and how structural connectivity, particularly the location of the sediment sources, impacts modeled suspended sedimen...


Water Quality manual updated

Besides the pollutans added to the Water Quality module of Iber (salinity, temperature, e.coli, DBOC, OD), the new pollutans included in the version 2.6 of Iber (Phosphorus, Phytoplankton, pH and Metals) now are also described in the Water Quality reference manual (only Spanish version is available)...


New publication!

New avant-garde hydrological simulations using artificial neuronal networks are presented in the new paper published by some Team Iber members. Have a look to the publication: Farfán, J.F., Cea, L., 2021. Coupling artificial neural networks with the artificial bee colony algorithm for glob...


New publication!

Members of the Team Iber presents a novel installation for the development of hybrid physical-numerical flood models in an Augmented Reality-SandBox (AR-Sandbox) environment.Have a look to the publication: Puertas, J., Hernández-Ibáñez, L., Cea, L., Regueiro-Picallo, M.,...

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