Iber model
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New publication!

Members of the Team Iber participate on the EGU General Assembly 2021 presenting the following conference paper: Farfán-Durán, Cea, L., 2021. Building hydrological single-model ensembles using artificial neural networks and a combinatorial optimization approachIn Proceedings of EGU ...


New publication!

New avant-garde hydrological simulations using artificial neuronal networks are presented in the new paper published by some Team Iber members. Have a look to the publication: Farfán, J.F., Cea, L., 2021. Coupling artificial neural networks with the artificial bee colony algorithm for glob...


New publication!

Members of Iber Team, in collaboration with other colleagues, develop a method to update intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) rainfall curves, which are then used to force the hydrological-hydrualic coupled model of Iber to assess the flood hazard changes due to Climate Change.Have a llok to the ...


New publication!

The two articles presented in the conference SymHydro 2019 have printed in the book Advances in Hydroinformatics.One of them shows some research in modelling the hydrodynamics in a sewer inlet using 2D modelling: Sanz-Ramos, Téllez-Álvarez, J., Bladé, E., Gómez-Valent&...


New publication!

Members of Team Iber, in collaboration with other universities and research groups, have been investigating the potential relationships between the Antecedent Mositure Conditions (AMC) and the infiltration losses method based on Curve Number (CN) providing valuable opportunities and potential b...


New journal publication

Team Iber just published a new scientific paper at Hydrological Processes journal: Fraga, I., Cea, L., and Puertas, J., 2018. Effect of rainfall uncertainty on the performance of physically‐based rainfall‐runoff models. Hydrological processes 2018. DOI: https://doi.org/10...