Iber model
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New publication!

The two articles presented in the conference SymHydro 2019 have printed in the book Advances in Hydroinformatics.One of them shows some research in modelling the hydrodynamics in a sewer inlet using 2D modelling: Sanz-Ramos, Téllez-Álvarez, J., Bladé, E., Gómez-Valent&...


New publication!

Members of Team Iber, in collaboration with other universities and research groups, presents some improvements in IberWOOD that allow to reproduce large wood dynamics in shallow braided rivers.Have a look to this publication: Ruiz-Villanueva, V., Gamberini, C., Bladé, E., Stoffel, M., Bert...


New publication!

The key reference of the new module entitled IberHABITAT has been published in RIBAGUA international journal (open access!). Have a look to the manuscript (Spanish speech) o use this citation for reference it: Sanz-Ramos, M., Bladé, E., Palau, A., Vericat, D., Fuertes-Ramos, A., 2019. ...