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New publication!

Members of Team Iber published a cientific article that explores the hybrid modelling (experimental and numerical) of the fluid behaviour over complex wiers. García-Alén, G., García-Fonte, O., Cea, L., Pena, L., Puertas, J. 2021. Modelling Weirs in Two-Dimensional Shallow Wat...


New publication!

Members of the Team Iber, in collaboration with other research groups, presents this novel application of Iber for designing of efficient road and transportation facility drainage: Aranda, J.A., Beneyto, C., Sánchez-Juny, M., Bladé, E., 2021. Efficient Design of Road Drainage System...


EGU Teaching package

On the EGU higher education teaching grant framerock, Team Iber, in collaboration with University of A Coruña and Polytechnic University of Catalonia, generated teaching resources that can be incorporated into higher education courses related to river flood risk evalu...


New publication!

New avant-garde hydrological simulations using artificial neuronal networks are presented in the new paper published by some Team Iber members. Have a look to the publication: Farfán, J.F., Cea, L., 2021. Coupling artificial neural networks with the artificial bee colony algorithm for glob...


New publication!

Members of the Team Iber presents a novel installation for the development of hybrid physical-numerical flood models in an Augmented Reality-SandBox (AR-Sandbox) environment.Have a look to the publication: Puertas, J., Hernández-Ibáñez, L., Cea, L., Regueiro-Picallo, M.,...


New publications!

Members of the Team Iber investigate the avant-garde concept of the flipped classroom in teaching-learning methodologies, develop an integrated two-models tool for urban drainage purposes and collaborate in a study analysing long term hydrological processes and: Bermúde...

1 - 6 [43]