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New publication!

Members of the Team Iber participate on the EGU General Assembly 2021 presenting the following conference paper: Farfán-Durán, Cea, L., 2021. Building hydrological single-model ensembles using artificial neural networks and a combinatorial optimization approachIn Proceedings of EGU ...


10th GiD Convention [online]

Be aware about the latest version of GiD, in which the Iber interface is based, and the research lines and new implementations of Iber.The currect conference will be fully online. More info at: https://www.gidhome.com/news-and-events/gid-conventions/13071/10th-gid-convention-online-ed...


JIA 2019

Several member of the Team Iber presented some applications and new developments of Iber in VI Jornadas de Ingeniería del Agua conference. Here you will find the communications: Bladé, E., Sanz-Ramos, M., Escolano, E., 2019. Cómo calcular una Vía de Intenso Desagü...


HPC conference

Members of Team Iber have participed in the HPC for GeoPhysical Fluid Dynamics showing the latest implementations of Iber: Cea, L., 2019. Modelo de fenómenos lluvia-escorrentía en alta resolución con Iber+. HPC for GeoPhysical Fluid Dynamics, 16-17 October, Our...



Learn more about Iber and IberPLUS on the "HPC for Geophysical Fluid Dynamics 2019" conference, that it will be take place on October 16-17th, Ourense (Spain).The aims of this conference is to present the latest advances in the application of High Performance Computing (HPC) techniques in the d...


New conference proceedings

Members of Team Iber participated in SimHydro 2019 presenting two applications of the Iber model: Sanz-Ramos, M., Téllez-Álvarez, J., Gómez-Valentín, M., Bladé, E., 2019. Simulating the hydrodynamics of sewer-grates using a 2D-hydraulic model. In proceeding...

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