Journal publication

Team Iber just published a new cientific paper in Ingeniería del Agua journal:

  • Sanz-Ramos, M., Bladé, E., Niñerola, D., & Palau-Ibars, A. (2018). Evaluación numérico-experimental del comportamiento histérico del coeficiente de rugosidad de los macrófitos. Ingeniería del agua, 22(3), 109-124. DOI: 10.4995/ia.2018.8880

This document shows the results of the calibration and validation process of the numerical model applied to Ebro River, in which the massive proliferation of macrophytes is generating several hydraulic and biologic problems.

As a result of the collaboration with the basin organism and the dam managers, it was possible to develop new tools to analyse the hydraulic behaviour of the macrophytes taking into account different roughness effects, including hysterical curves of the roughness coefficient.


Other publications regarding this collaboration project as cited below:

  • Sanz-Ramos, M., Bladé, E., Palau, A., Ramos-Fuertes, A., 2018. Estudio de la influencia de los macrófitos en la hidrodinámica de un río empleando simulación numérica 2D. In proceedings of XIX Conference of the Iberian Association of Limnology, June 24-29, Coimbra, Portugal.  Link
  • Sanz-Ramos, M., Bladé, E., Palau, A., 2018. Evaluación de las posibilidades de remoción de macrófitos mediante avenidas controladas. In proceedings of XI Jornadas Españolas de Presas, June 26-29, León, Spain. Link